Despicable Me3 Tattoo (Exclusive for Target)

This was a fun project... not only did I get to art direct it, I also drew/designed all the comps for the program. Working with Eric Ruffing at Trigger Lab Studio on the clean up and color, we finished this style guide in about 3 weeks.




Bathing Ape / Baby Milo X Despicable Me 3

This was the 2nd Minion and Bathing Ape colab and the 3rd time I've worked with BAPE. I wanted to take it a little bit more adult, but it was tamed down for the family/kids friendly path. I understand why, but most hardcore fans will look at it as a cash grab, but honetly they're all cash grabs, it's just cool when you get away with it. All I can say is that I took something that most designers wouldn't know what to do with and made a line look that appeals to 95% of the people out there and I'm proud of that, so to the other 5% that are too cool... SUCK IT!



Puma X Minions - Stage 02

Again it's been a very busy year for me at Illumination Entertainment. Starting with the fourth movie in the Despicable Me franchise and doing some incredible colabs with partners in the marketing and liscensing area. I started this Puma project back in Sept of 2016 and did over 100 different designs just on the shoes alone with my team. This line look was designed in mind for the Shoe Junkie/Sneaker Head on a classic Puma Clyde and the Puma Disc Blaze model. We gave these classic shoes a makeover courtesy of the sweet and playful style of the Minions including new patterns and splashes of color that integrate the iconic goggles and bananas motif. 


StayReal Hong Kong X Minions

This was a crazy experience... working with China for the first time and with a clothing company (StayReal) and a Taiwanese rock band (Mayday) at the same time. The lead singer (Ashin Shin) started StayReal back in 2007 and has done a ton of colabs from Hello Kitty, Micky Mouse, Sponge Bob and Simpsons and now I was stepping up to repersent and design for Illumination on the Minions. I did this whole fast fashion guide in about 7 days... that's not just designing, that's recreating and making new art and patterns... at the end StayReal was very happy.



Puma X Minions - Stage 01

Well here it is... the 1st stage of the Minion X Puma colab. Working on the Illumination side of the marketing team, we worked with both Universal and Puma to come up with a story line that would  be fun and unique to the franchise. Down below is one of the story lines... the Minions become the designers of the shoe line. I art directed the photo shoot with the help of David Fox (Directer from Universal) in the staging of the characters  and enviroment for the final ad. Joe Vance (Director of Character Art at Dreamworks) did the finish on the character renders for the ad.