BAIT X Minions X Classic Universal Monsters

Well, here it is... the Minion Classic Monsters colab that was hosted by BAIT at the 2016 SDCC . The project was a mix of different ideas and what it came to what we could produce in the short timeline; plus keeping the quality at a level that everyone was happy with. We decided to focus on Franken Bob with Zombie Teddy Bear Tim and tease a couple of other designs in the world of Minion Monsters. I may or may have not done more Minion classic monster designs and other skateboard graphics.... hint, hint, hint! I guess we'll just have to wait and see. 


Minion Movie Marketing 

The question giving to me by thge SVP of Marketing at Illumination Entertainment was how do you show Minions in history... Answer, through classic paintings of famous artists works, be it Leonardo da Vinci's painting, Andy Warhol-inspired pop art, mind-bending Salvador Dali imagery and more daft homages to Piet Mondrian, Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, René Magritte, Roy Lichtenstein, Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso. We did different takes for the campaign, one was to see the Minions in the back ground of classic painting and the 2nd was to have the Minions as the main focus of ther classic styles.


Bathing Ape / Baby Milo X Minions

This was one of the first jobs I got to design starting at Illumination... and the second time working Bathing Ape on a co-lab. The guys at Bathing Ape did a grat pop-up shop in Japan, but it was only for kids. Shame... I was hoping to do some cool vinyal toys or something I could fit into.


Drop Dead Clothing X Itchy & Scratchy

They fight, they bite... it's Itchy and Scratchy of course! Not an obvious Simpsons collab choice, but I'm just happy finally someone is using this artwork/style guide that I did back in 2007. I did a little digging and found out the London office of Fox got this going... great work guys.


Simpsons Dole Promotion

Working with the FOX Promotion Dept, I sprearheaded this project with Sean Millard to do these incredible mugs. Sean and I have a great love for "Tiki Culture" and wanted to do this right. We put a lot of research in for this project in Tiki Bars and Polynesian-style restaurants... but mostly in bars.   :-)

Below are the finished designs approved by Matt G. along with some of the 100 different rought concepts that we did for the promotion.