Drop Dead Clothing X Itchy & Scratchy

They fight, they bite... it's Itchy and Scratchy of course! Not an obvious Simpsons collab choice, but I'm just happy finally someone is using this artwork/style guide that I did back in 2007. I did a little digging and found out the London office of Fox got this going... great work guys.


Simpsons Dole Promotion

Working with the FOX Promotion Dept, I sprearheaded this project with Sean Millard to do these incredible mugs. Sean and I have a great love for "Tiki Culture" and wanted to do this right. We put a lot of research in for this project in Tiki Bars and Polynesian-style restaurants... but mostly in bars.   :-)

Below are the finished designs approved by Matt G. along with some of the 100 different rought concepts that we did for the promotion. 


Kidrobot Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

Well, here it is finally. I had so many ideas for different characters that I wanted to do for this, and this was just the start, but who's to say I can't get more of them out in the second wave? Together with Sean Millard, we came up with about 30 different characters, but only could do 12 in the set. I designed all of the packaging and layouts, along with the title treatment/logo, which was a wink to the old 50's and 60's horror comic books.

The one design that was not produced that I can show you is this Clock Work Bart. Why you ask? Because he'll never be made... FOX legal had some reservations about doing this toy because it was a parody of another studio's film.


Superman 75th Anniversary

This was one of the pieces that I designed for the Superman 75th Anniversary. I created it to reflect the classic style of Alex Ross, but of course only Alex Ross can do Alex Ross. 


Sons Of Anarchy: Black Label Style Guide

Together with Thai Dao at KNTRL and Tanner Goldbeck from Racecar13, I spearheaded the redesign of the Sons Of Anarchy style guides from the past to bring back the old school biker feel and step away from played-out Ed Hardy clip art vibe that it had been drifting towards. I do understand why it went in that direction, however. I mean how many times can you redo the Sons Of Anarchy Reaper image? But therein lies the challenge!