Alien: Isolation

They say "third time's a charm" and that was the case for me in this being the third Alien Game that I worked on. After Gearbox's last foray with the Alien franchise, Aliens: Colonial Marines, which was buggy and disappointing (not to mention very poorly reviewed), I feel that with this one we finally nailed it. We (FOX Interactive) worked so closel with Creative Assembly, we could smell what they had for lunch!

The past Alien games were about mowing down the xenomorphs en masse, which sort of gave you the feeling that individually they were not very threatening creatuurs but this game turns that concept on it's head. In this version there is only one alien and, like the original 1979 Rigley Scott movie, you have no pulse rifles, robotis sentry guns or any crazy weapons to kill it with. Rather, you have to create tools in order to evade or repel the xenomorph. It's really a good looking game - we made sure that nothing looked like it was military, by color or design, and followed the Ron Cobb drawings from the 1979 film to the tee to give it that heavy industrial design recalling the transported blue-collar workers wanting to claim a piece of the void. I hope you enjoy.


Retro Alien Kenner Figures: Super7

When Super7 came to us (FOX Consumer Products) wanting to release the original Alien Kenner toys, I was so on board. The history of the Kenner toy company made its name - and fortune - on Star Wars. The little 3.75" figures were ubiquitous during the 1980s and spawned dozens of similarly-scaled lines, including Hasbro's wildly successful G.I. Joe revamp.

In 1979, they infamously released a 12" Alien figure. It didn't last long in stores - possibly due to the nature of the film or more likely due to lack of interest from kids who were too busy being obsessed with Star Wars. Perhaps thinking along those same lines, Kenner designed prototypes for a five-figure 3.75" line of Alien toys in the same SW style. For whatever reason, the line was never produced, but it became a legend among toy collectors.

Over thirty years later, Super7 finally released this long-lost cousin to Kenner's Star Wars. The designs are nearly identical to the prototypes and come with great packaging in the style of the era. I was so happy to be part of this program! Well done Super7, you just made toy collecting fun again! Hopefully in next run we can do the Aliens film in the Kenner style... hint, hint! :)



Kidrobot Futurama Zoidberg

Is there a doctor in the house?! Of course there is - ZOIDBERG! When I was designing this, I wanted Zoidberg to have his head fin up and looking angry, but got vetoed so maybe you'll see that in the next edition. I was happy to get Kidrobot to do a alternate universe (purple) Zoidberg though, so all was not lost. I designed all of the packaging from the beginning with only minor color changes by the folks at Kidrobot, and I felt it came out pretty cool. The idea was to have Zoidberg stuffed in a glass box, as if he was living in a terrarium. I had also thought it would be cool to do a version of the box tagged up garbage dumpster, but it just wasn't working for me.


Kidrobot Futurama Hedonism Bot

I apologize for nothing! :-)   I REALLY wanted to do the Hedonism Bot in his studded leather outfit, but at the end it was a cost issue and I'd rather have the figure done then not have been made at all. The packaging was designed by meself with the assistance of my awesome graphic designer Kristie Kam.


D'oh! Hello Kitty

Believe it or not, I did have a hand in this. Sanrio did some designs and I did some as well.

Above are the comps that I did for the pitch. Below are the designs that Sanrio did... I'm so proud to have been part of this.